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Concept and Approach

Contemporary empirical evidence via multi-x research: 


Multi- ....-method, -media, -disciplinary, lingual, -cultural

Application of

   > Contemporary approaches,

   > Usable and user friendly interface designs and 

   > Mixed-method culturally sensitive data collection methods/tools

  to collect clean and accurate cross-cultural data 


We use ICT to connect with clients and to collect and store multimedia data

- Consultancy and RAB management (Skype, Whatsapp)

- Digital transformation of data 

- Electronically provided measures (Survey Monkey, Empirica)

- Qualitative data collection using social media

   (Facebook/Whatsapp focus groups, Skype expert’s interviews)

•  Content sharing and networking using online platforms (ResearchGate



We speak the following languages

- English

- Deutsch

- Mandarin

- Cantonese

- [add otherChinese languages, emily]

- Français

- Hindi [sudev?]

- Bahasa Indonesia

- Burmese [win?]

- xxx

[languages in respective spellings, website in german/mandarin later, add info-email in different languages, connect to respective consultants]


We incorporate UX and general learning psychological principles in mixed-method, culturally sensitive design and solutions

- Quantitative

- Qualitative

> mixed-method

- UX 

- Learning psychology, perception, xxx


We cover the following fields of expertise 

- Psychology

- Migration economics

- Human rights

- International Labour regulations and standards

- Collaboration technologies

- UX design

- ICT based learning scenarios

- Television media

- Psychiatry and mental health

- xxx

[link to exerts, add expertise of all consultants]

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